French Music at the Train Station

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The piano students of Georgia Nicolaou and Sophia Bardoutsou present music by French composers such as Claude Debussy and Eric Satie at the iconic station of Delft.

Participants: Eelco Los and James Meakin

Eelco Los started playing piano at an early age and it has been his first love since then. However, as a late teenager, he started investing in other aspects of music and other hobbies. A few years ago, the inspirational music of the French composer Claude Debussy brought his passion for piano back. Now, after some years of continuous practice, he is completely immersed in playing music and composing. For Eelco, living without music is an impossible thing to do. His love for music guides his life and he states, "In this world of trouble, my music pulls me through."

James Meakin is a British Research Software Engineer who lives in Rotterdam with his partner and their two cats. He started playing piano during the lockdown of December 2021 and for the Faire la Fête will perform one of Satie’s Gnossiennes.

Photo credits: Koos Bommelé

Start Time : 18:00
Country : Netherlands
Venue : Delft Station
Address : 2611 AZ Delft

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