Tribute to Erik Satie

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Juliette Epele is a pianist born in France and Pablo Rivas is a percussionist from the city of La Plata. They both graduated from the Gilardo Gilardi Conservatory of Music of La Plata where Pablo also teaches.

According to a myth, La Plata’s genesis was inspired by the novel "Les cinq cents millions de la Bégum" by Jules Verne and the city has been influenced by French culture.

Juliette and Pablo have been friends since their time as students and they have performed in different orchestras and bands as well as produced their own solo projects.

Juliette Epele, Piano: 1- Idylle, à Debussy / 2- Aubade, à Paul Dukas / 3- Méditation, à Albert Roussel

Pablo Rivas, Vibraphone: Gymnopedie #1 - (vibraphone arr. Pablo Rivas)

Start Time : 19:00
Country : Argentina
Venue : National University of La Plata
Address : Av. 7 776, B1900 La Plata

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