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Make Music


Make Music Day was launched by the French Ministry of Culture in 1982. France held the new celebration, called Fête De La Musique, on the summer solstice – the longest day of the year. The ministry encouraged everyone to go outside and Make Music. Professional artists and curious bystanders alike joined the in the celebration. The free musical performances continued from morning to night at locations throughout the city – parks, gardens, street corners, rooftops, restaurants, shops – wherever music could be enjoyed. The holiday quickly inspired millions. More than 40 years later, Make Music Day has expanded into more than a thousand cities in 120 countries worldwide!

This year, Fresno joins the celebration by launching its very first Make Music Day on Wednesday, June 21! Make Music Fresno invites everyone to participate no matter their musical skill. There will be free musical performances at locations throughout the city. There will also be instrumental demonstrations for those new to music and opportunities to participate in group performance events. This inaugural Make Music Day is an opportunity to highlight the uniquely beautiful scope and diversity of musical talent, culture, passion, and expression found here in Fresno. It is a chance to bring the community together in a celebration of music.


Roomful of Pianos: A multi-piano performance with accomplished pianists playing a multi-arrangement piece together in one location.

Flowerpot Music: Written by celebrated composer Elliot Cole, flower pot music is a uniquely beautiful musical experience. Bring a flower pot and we will provide the “music” and the mallets.

Panyard Jumbie Jam: Try out a steel drum… we’ll provide the drum and the music… you provide the fun.


If you are a performer and would like to participate, go to our to participate page to register. When you register, you may include information about the type of music you play, whether you need electricity at your venue, etc. Our location generator will help you connect with a venue near you! OR Visit our participate page to host performers at your outdoor venue and connect with artists. We welcome everything – from outdoor stages to storefronts. You will be able to choose the time frame, the genre of music you would like to host, and which amenities you have available for performers.

And if you decide not to register, just get outside somewhere and play on June 21!

Let’s Make Music Fresno!