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2023 Listings: Wednesday, June 21st

Justin Ferris

Justin R. Ferris is a Lutenist, Guitarist, Composer and Conferencier specializing in Early Music under the tutelage of Andreas Martin, the celebrated Lutenist and acclaimed expert on the music of the Renaissance and Johann Sebastian Bach. Justin aims to preserve and uphold the Lute as a sensitive and delicate Instrument in the modern age with the utmost care and intention. While preserving historically informed methodologies from the line of Andreas Martin, Eugen Dombois and Peter Croton, programs consisting of musical works from Zamboni, Bach, Tarrega and Sor are recited across the United States on the Archliuto and Classical Guitar. As an admirer of Early Music, Justin aims to rekindle the relationship between the musician and the listener by offering musical tones of bygone days.

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