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Make Music


  • Thousands of amateur musicians, of all ages and genres, play for some of the biggest crowds of their lives, and some play in front of people for the first time. Everyone can experience the joy of performing, even those without the skills or connections to find gigs in regular venues.
  • Professional artists and presenters showcase their music to a new audience, reaching people who would never normally hear their work.
  • Schools can reach out to the community and celebrate Make Music Day while the community rejoices in the rich talent in our schools.
  • Participants feel part of a larger musical community, and have the freedom to wander around and improvise with each other. For most musicians, it will be unlike any other musical experience they have had.
  • Listeners can come out from under their headphones and experience live music up close. Audiences feel no pressure to stay if they don’t like a particular band; with no money spent and no walls holding them in, they can wander to discover unfamiliar genres and groups risk-free.
  • Local business districts attract customers by hosting musicians in front of shops and restaurants.
  • For neighbours, it’s a chance to turn footpaths and streets into impromptu stages, dance floors, and social meeting points, and bring their community together.

To participate as a venue and attract performers, register your event at

To participate as a performer and showcase your talent, register your performance at

Who else is taking part?

Over 1 artists, including:

Timi Lee

Over 1 venues, including:

Accra Mall