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2021 Listings: Monday, June 21st

Duo Laroo/Byrd

World-renowned trumpeter Saskia Laroo and international pianist/vocalist Warren Byrd together create a smorgasbord of music for a wide palette of occasions from the grand gala-fest to the intimate hang. Whether performing dance classics, the American songbook, hot afro-Latin grooves, or their own catchy, poignant originals this unique two can manifest as a soothing background pad, a party-rousing tandem, or a grand showpiece. Laroo and Byrd can unleash their potent charm anywhere anytime. At an opportune request, Saskia and Warren can transmute from state of the art duo into full band. Duo Laroo/Byrd performs mainly original material and a few special selected songs by other composers, coming from their album "Two of a Kind",as well as new unrecorded music. Line up: 2 (+ guests) -Saskia Laroo - trumpet, vocals, alto sax [and upright / electric bass ] -Warren Byrd - piano and/or keyboard, vocals [ and bongos ]

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