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2022 Listings: Tuesday, June 21st

Christie Echols

Christie Echols is a bassist, composer, and vocalist who specializes in live electroacoustic music as well as orchestral, chamber, musical theater, and jazz performance. A passionate educator, Echols maintains a private bass studio in Hartford, Connecticut and regularly appears at schools and non-profit organizations as a guest artist for masterclasses, sectionals, and presentations. Echols’ music centers around personal experiences and challenges with self-identity in culture, gender, and community. A frequent performer of her own electroacoustic works, she combines extended techniques, vocal melodies, and her own text to create hypnotizing textures. Echols enjoys collaborating with other artists and has worked with dancers, animators, and poets to create multi-disciplinary projects. For live-processing performances she uses Ableton Live with the Akai professional APC Key 25 keyboard and the Keith McMillen SoftStep 2 midi controllers.

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