Make Music



Musicians from around the world are participating in a global song swap, learning a song by a local artist, and hearing their own song covered in return. Songwriters and composers of all styles and walks of life will participate in #MySongIsYourSong.

Follow the links before to view/listen to covers released on June 21, 2020 for Make Music Hartford. (Videos are being uploaded as they are released by musicians on Make Music Day)

Who’s Representing Hartford?

Among the Acres covers Desiree Camille’s “Doesn’t Mean” (Hear Desiree Camille’s original)

Desiree Camille covers “Lightning Strike” by Among the Acres (Hear Among the Acres’ original)

Earl from the Professors of Sweet Sweet Music covers “Mr. Rebound” by Mr. Qwes (Hear Mr Qwes’ original)

Mr Qwes covers “This World” by the Professors of Sweet Sweet Music (Hear POSSM’s original)

the Guinea Pigs cover Alex Forest’s “Bonfire” (Alex is releasing “Bonfire” on Spotify soon!)

Alex Forest covers “Little Pictures” by the Guinea Pigs  (Hear the Guinea Pigs play the original version)

Erin Rocc covers Michaela Natal’s “The Record” (Hear Michaela Natal’s original)

Michaela Natal covers Erin Rocc’s “Unfogged” (Hear Erin Rocc’s original)