Make Music


Artistic logo saying Make Music Hartford Virtual Shower SingingLet your inner diva loose with Make Music Hartford’s Virtual Shower Singing!

The acoustics of our showers make our voices sound AMAZING. This year Virtual Shower Singing offers you a chance to share those vocals with the world. Take on our social media challenge before or on June 21st.

Virtual Shower Singing Social Media Challenge:

  1. Pick a song you know and love. Emulate the original artist or make it your own – your choice. Don’t know all the lyrics? Hum or whistle away!
  2. Create a family-friendly recording that lets us hear your vocals with those shower acoustics. (You can sing from behind the shower curtain, but keep your camera outside. You can check out @letsgoarts on Instagram for some inspiration!)
  3. Tag us @letsgoarts and #makemusichartford and we’ll share!