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2024 Listings: Friday, June 21st

Les Izmore & The GOATS

Les Izmore is highly trained in Middle Of The Map Music. Their tribal connection is Octavia E. Butler's SUN, which was spawned in the inner sanctum of African Futurity. They’ve been performing through existing channels for 1000's of years. Les Izmore is an AfricanFuturist multi-disciplinary artist. Izmore, centered around experimentation and AstroBlack sonic creations, is a spoken word artist, poet, writer, songwriter, music composer, beat maker and vocal performer. A farmer, historian and OutKast, Les Izmore is also the curator of KCulture Building. Izmore's work takes a critical look at the sociopolitical injustices of the world creating spaces for conversation, edutainment, healing, and action.

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