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Kansas City MO

2021 Listings: Monday, June 21st

Bands Undercover with Heather Newman Band

Heather Newman’s musical journey began at a very young age, joining the Blues Society of Omaha youth artists program Blues Ed at the age of 10 as a vocalist. She has established herself through her passion for music from the get-go and was able to support many national and international touring acts as part of that program. Since relocating to Kansas City in 2015, she has forged a powerful roots band that has brought her numerous awards including two Blues Blast Music Awards, the Sean Costello Rising Star Award, and a Blues Music Award nomination. She has created an energetic, fun, and soulful stage performance with a killer original set. Her band members lock-in with her deep-rooted grooves to produce styles such as soul, funk, blues, and rock that keep her fans coming back for more.

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