Make Music Kansas City MO

2023 Listings: Wednesday, June 21st

Tyrone Lewis

One day God touched me. Since that moment in time life has taken many twists and turns to bring me to the place I am in now. I have firmly decided the light of God needs to shine outside the four walls of the church in the public square in a way that is not religious or offensive. This is a great challenge but to that end I will labor. I am currently a regular member of the Or HaOlam worship team and have been married to my wonderful wife Shay for 22 years. In the past I have sung in the following settings; various events and choirs, many of the hospitals in the KC Metro area visiting patients on behalf of Hospital Christian Fellowship and as a volunteer Chaplin. Most recently I was singing at the St Luke's Hospice until COVID shut that down. When I sing, I feel God’s presence and sometimes His pleasure. It is possible you will too.

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