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June 12, 2020:

Make Music Day Las Cruces – A Virtual Music Festival

Las Cruces, Bulletin

June 19, 2020:
Make Music Day streaming online June 21

June 5, 2020:
Las Cruces Make Music Day virtual festival; registration open

December 20, 2019:

MAKE MUSIC ALLIANCE: Making music, all over the city

Make Music Day is celebrated on June 21st Summer Solstice in 26 states in the U.S. and across the globe from France, where it began, to South America, Australia, and China. This is a holiday that anyone can celebrate, is now  in over 30 countries worldwide. As a community, we can participate in our love of making music together.

Until this year, the celebration has not been observed in New Mexico.

The Las Cruces Make Music Day organizing team is preparing our inaugural event on June 21st 2020.

Make Music Day is not quite a music festival, because it’s not confined to one location. And it’s not completely “organized,”
since musicians don’t need official permission to perform in public.

As Aaron Friedman, executive director of the Make Music Alliance says, “Make Music Day is kind of like Halloween for music
– a day when regular folks are given permission to get out in the streets and share their love of music.”

Stay tuned to this page and our Facebook page to learn more!