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Make Music Day is traditionally a free celebration of music around the world held on June 21st ‚Äď the Summer Solstice.¬† Launched in France 1982 as F√™te de la Musique, celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year, it is held on the same day in more than 750 cities in 120¬†countries.

Make Music Long Beach began as a city-wide event in 2017, spearheaded by the Long Beach Music Council, subsequently pivoting during the pandemic – 2020 and 2021.

Make Music Long Beach 2023 is spearheaded this year by Art of Song, a local singer-songwriter advocacy group.  Sponsorship is the Port of Long Beach.  Administration support comes from the Arts Council for Long Beach.

We encourage musicians and enthusiasts to connect with local businesses and venues in neighborhoods and districts across the city, and find your place to play.  

What to do!

  • Go to the¬†Make Music Long Beach¬†site:
  • Performers: create a profile for yourself. ¬†Find and connect with businesses, venues, or your neighborhood district to find a match to perform. ¬†If they have not listed themselves yet (most have not), encourage them to do so, or let us know and we’ll try and assist.
  • Businesses, venues, and neighborhood districts: get involved. ¬†Register your busines profile on¬†the¬†Make Music Long Beach website, so that musicians / performers can find you!
  • Performers and businesses/venues/neighborhood districts: find each other and ask us to identify the match on the website. ¬†The goal is for the community to know where you are playing and when!
  • Record and document your Make¬†Music Day performance: ¬†provide photos and ¬†videos of your performance to the Make Music Alliance, who will post them to the Make Music Day feed, June 21st. ¬†Easiest: text to 423-620-7177
  • Email questions to:


Find Your Place to Play

The best way to participate in Make Music Long Beach 2022 is to find your place to play by connecting with businesses and venues in your neighborhood districts, and securing a spot to play.

Performers as well as businesses and venues, can proactively register themselves on the Make Music Long Beach site,, allowing each to potentially find each other and connect.

Make Music Long Beach is not a “matchmaking” nor currating entity; however, we will¬†promote the nature and spirit of the day, as well as significance to the international community, and, upon receipt of the details of your event, list on the MMLB site.


2023 Listings: Wednesday, June 21st




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