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Make Music Marshfield is an annual one-day citywide, free, outdoor day of music held on the summer solstice, June 21.

2021 is Marshfield’s second year in the international summer solstice music celebration, and we join over 1000 communities around the world in kicking off summer by filling the city with music. We want to encourage all people, of all musical abilities, to celebrate the joy of making music. Make Music Marshfield will turn backyards, front porches, and more into a stage, and offer a full spectrum of performers the opportunity to display their musical skills.

What is Make Music Marshfield?      

Make Music Marshfield is: Performed by Anyone, Enjoyed by Everyone

A way for all of Marshfield to celebrate the summer solstice, enjoying the longest day of the year, while sampling a buffet of musical merriment.

A DIY city-wide celebration when almost any way to make music can and will happen.

Make Music Marshfield is open to music makers of all ages, skill levels, and musical persuasions.

When will Make Music Marshfield take place?

Make Music Marshfield will take place on the summer solstice, Monday, June 21, 2021.

9:00 am-10:00pm

How do I register as an artist?

If you are an artist looking to register for Make Music Marshfield, click this ¬†and you will be taken to our registration platform. Be sure to register your ‚Äėfront porch‚Äô music events to be included in the publicity. We are all in this together!
(If you have problems registering, please email 1 or 2 sentences to:¬† and we’ll get back to you soon!)


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All Make Music Concerts are Free and Open to the public. 


Schedule your own concert or watch local musicians perform live in the community at your favorite locations.


How to Make Music on June 21st

Using our matchmaking software register your event by clicking the link below.

How to Register as a Venue

  1. Create an account by filling in your contact information and accepting the Terms and Conditions
  2. Select Performer or Venue
  3. Select Venue Seeking Performers
  4. Add venue name, type, description, rain plan, and social media links
  5. Add your location details and online options
  6. Add preferred genres, the electricity/PA you can provide, and notes for performers
  7. Indicate your availability to host performers, confirm email, and complete profile

How to Register as a Performer

  1. Create an account by filling in your contact information and accepting the Terms and Conditions
  2. Select Performer or Venue
  3. Select Performer Seeking Venue
  4. Add name, genres, neighborhood, bio, image, and links
  5. Indicate your availability to perform using the sliders on the timeline
  6. Select electricity/ PA needs
  7. Confirm your account, and complete profile

How to Register an Event

  1. Create an account by filling in your contact information and accepting the Terms and Conditions
  2. Select List My Event
  3. Add venue information name, venue type, rain plan, and description
  4. Add location neighborhood, address, and electricity use
  5. Add performer or event name, genre, description, links, and image
  6. Indicate your performance or event time using the sliders on the timeline
  7. Confirm your account, and complete profile

Helpful Video 

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Who can play for Make Music Marshfield? You guessed it: everyone!

Join with others or perform on your own or give your kids their first experience performing music for others! Everyone, regardless of age, ability, or preferred musical style can participate. We encourage you to embrace your inner musician, share music freely with your peers, and celebrate the rich musical diversity of your communities all day on June 21st.


Where can performances take place? You guessed it: Everywhere!

Whether you have a restaurant, a storefront sidewalk or parking lot, or just a spacious front garden, any location can host a performance or participatory event as long as it’s free and accessible to the public. Make Music Marshfield is a unique way to activate your space, engage your community, and inspire anyone and everyone to discover the joy of making music.

You can register in our scheduling system, browse artists and request performances.

If you have questions, email us at


Online Auction

Make Music Marshfield Auction

Musical Themed Items and Instruments


“Make Music Marshfield”Online Auction starts August¬†9th and goes until¬†August 22nd.

Need some help placing a bid or want to see any of the auction items in person? Stop in at our office for some assistance M, T, W, Th 10-3

208 S Central Ave, Marshfield, WI 54449

More about our Auction

We had a great Make Music Day event this year and it was only our second time doing this in Marshfield, WI. It could not have happened without our team of coordinators and many volunteers.


In honor of this year’s event and to help promote for next year, we are hosting this music-themed auction. Each year Make Music day happens on July 21st! It’s a nationwide event and our center takes part in hosting and promoting events in the City of Marshfield. Make sure to check out our Make Music Day Marshfield website to learn more about local activities and performances that happen throughout the day¬†


For our “Music¬†Music Marshfield” Auction

We have all pieces on display and are offering local pick-up at our center for any purchased items.

208 S Central Ave, Marshfield, WI 54449


What will we use our funds for?

All proceeds will be used¬†to help fund next year’s Make Music Day in Marshfield.

Next year, Make Music Marshfield will be a special one. Make sure to celebrate in 2022 with us. We will be coordinating¬†with the¬†Historical Society to celebrate¬†our city’s 150th Anniversary!

Thank you for all of your support!

This event wouldn’t be possible without you! Musicians and music enthusiasts are what keep this event alive.


All concerts are free, but donations are welcome to support our¬† Marshfield ‚ÄúMake Music Day‚ÄĚ. Contact¬†


Marshfield is a member of the Make Music Alliance! See their website to learn more about this group!


2021 Sponsors 



2021 Listings: Monday, June 21st



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