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Make Music

Host Music Events

Do you manage a community space, church, storefront, restaurant, or business with space to showcase a performance? Perhaps you have a fabulous farm, a welcoming front porch, or a generous garden. If this is you, you’re invited to host, on June 21st, in celebration of global Make Music Day’s 40th year!

If you think you have a good spot for some free, live, music sign up your space, by June 14th, to allow artists to choose to play at your venue, however, if you hope to have music outdoors, sign up by May 15th to allow us time to include you in our event permit to the City.  Please note that your involvement is contingent upon City approval.  With our matchmaking software, performers can request to play in your space, or you can search the artist listings to make your own match. Don’t forget to invite your friends, family, and patrons!

It’s easy to sign up to host music activities, and once you’re an official venue, you can choose your own performers, or we can match performers to you.

Please note: All events associated with Make Music McMinnville must be free and open to the public.

Click here to sign up to be a venue.

A saxophonist plays in a public space with people around.Hosting a line-up of performers is not the only way to organize music activities for Make Music McMinnville.  Other ideas include:

  • Invite your customers or community groups to participate in a public, hands-on, music-making event at your business or at a local park.
  • Host an outdoor drum circle.
  • Teach first-time musicians how to play the ukulele or harmonica, virtually or in person.
  • Host an outdoor guitar strum–along for customers and community members.
  • Invite musicians to meet up outside a local nursing home and play “window serenades” to those inside.
  • Host a day of outdoor concerts/showcases/open mics for the lesson-taking students in your community.

Contact us for more information about hosting your event.