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Make Music

Host Music Events

Do you manage a community space, church, storefront, restaurant, or business with space to showcase a performance? Perhaps you have a fabulous farm, a welcoming front porch, or a generous garden. If this is you, you’re invited to host, in celebration of next year’s global Make Music Day’s 41st year!

Please note: All events associated with Make Music McMinnville must be free and open to the public.

Contact us to sign up to be a venue for next year’s celebration.

Hosting a line-up of performers is not the only way to organize music activities for Make Music McMinnville.  Other ideas include:

  • Invite your customers or community groups to participate in a public, hands-on, music-making event at your business or at a local park.
  • Host an outdoor drum circle.
  • Teach first-time musicians how to play the ukulele or harmonica, virtually or in person.
  • Host an outdoor guitar strum–along for customers and community members.
  • Invite musicians to meet up outside a local nursing home and play “window serenades” to those inside.
  • Host a day of outdoor concerts/showcases/open mics for the lesson-taking students in your community.