Make Music


Make Music Milford is a day of free, live music citywide in which musicians perform outdoors in public spaces all over Milford from dawn to well after dusk for everyone to enjoy.

Started in 1982 by France’s Ministry of Culture, Make Music Day, or Fête De La Musique in French,  a public holiday where music breathes life into the streets of cities on the summer solstice, June 21st. This tradition has since spread internationally to over 800 communities worldwide, including, for the first time, Milford, Connecticut.

This celebration of music is open to all, with everyone being encouraged to contribute their own music to all to hear. Anyone can perform, regardless of age, skill level, or genre, and make any public space their stage. Everyone is welcome to walk around Milford on this day and appreciate the music surrounding them, or even join in and play themselves! The whole event is free for everyone to participate in, with performances occurring all day across Milford.

The City of Milford is excited to kick off its first annual Make Music Day. We ask you to play anywhere and everywhere just please remember to be respectful of your friends and neighbors. We hope to line the streets and porches of Milford with incredible talent. Play on!