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Xander marX

The Xander marX brand aims to lift and inspire souls across the universe through the pop culture medium by creating an artistic spiritual experience. This singer-songwriter and electronic producer and arranger, captures the vibrance and optimism of pop music from the turn of the decade. He utilizes his own modern touch to tailor it for these times in which it's needed the most. His projects are a combination of various genres including pop, electronic, dance and RnB, He is able to seamlessly combine all of his influences, making for an exciting and unadulterated lyrical twist. His production has taken dance styles with lively EDM beats influenced by Zedd and Krewella , underlining his smooth crooning vocals as compared to Justin Timberlake and the Weeknd, Xander marX is a classically trained musician versed in music theory and vocal technique as well as digital arrangement and production. He has collaborated with numerous artists including Grammy winner Rob Fusari.

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