2022 Listings: Tuesday, June 21st

The Antoine Poncelet Band

The band is fronted by the magnetic and passionate Antoine Poncelet, former lead vocalist and guitarist for the group Precious Bones. Rounding out the lineup are seasoned vets of the New Jersey music scene, Peter Quilla (Vigilante Cowboys) on guitar, Mark McClemens (Goon Saloon) on bass, Santos Menendez on synthesizers, and Justin Wright (Meteor Police) on drums. The original music is rooted in the physical and spiritual sides of human existence. It is blending themes of nature with the mysteries of the world unknown, fusing the mystical and emotional elements of the life we see and the life beyond our vision. The sounds reimagines 70s hard rock for modern ears. The texture is rough and glittery, with glam careening into the deep rocking soul, and a goth undercurrent punctuates the music, blending both the darkness and the brilliant orange sunshine.

Performances on Make Music Day

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