2022 Listings: Tuesday, June 21st

Mr. Rose

Mr. Rose is John Sherman on Accordion and Vocals, Fred Parcells on Trombone, and Billy Loos on Log Drum. A new trio with a storied past including Black 47 (Fred), Sex Pod (Billy) and Richard Thompson (John) all three are also long time members of the Montclair, NJ based band Big Mamou. A portable rhythmic and sonic adventure acoustically balanced with nary a guitar in sight, the songs range from Cajun and Appalachian blues to reflective tales of love and loss featuring John’s plaintive vocals and accordion, Fred’s soulful countermelodies and bass lines on the trombone, and Billy’s multifaceted polyrhythms on the log drum. Many of the songs (with very different instrumentation and lots of guitars) are included on Sherman’s Volume 1: Love songs of History, Buildings, and Trains at https://johnsherman48.bandcamp.com/releases. More Mr. Rose songs (including the song Mr. Rose) recently released there on Volume 2: Old and New Dreams.

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