Make Music


Join us for Make Music Muskogee on June 21, the first day of summer!  Get in touch with us at one of the places listed in the Contact section to perform, host performances at your venue or business,  be a vendor, or volunteer! 


Who else is taking part?

Over 16 artists, including:

A Group of Good Friends  --  A Group of Good Friends  --  Aaron Willyard  --  Beautiful Chaos  --  Brock & Katie  --  Elzie B. Hickerson  --  Galen Sawyer  --  Home Skillet  --  Johnny Winkle  --  Lauren Lee  --  Leigh Ann Matthews  --  Make Music Day Drum on That Bucket at Zomac  --  Make Music Day Harmonize in a Harmonica Circle at Zomac  --  Story Time with Mrs. Jennifer  --  The Destination  --  Will Ross

Over 7 venues, including:

Depot Green  --  Muskogee Public Library  --  Queen City + Co.  --  Square Deal Music & Sound  --  The Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame  --  Three Rivers Museum  --  Zomac School of Music