MixMash Studios

Make Music Day

MixMash Studios brings together music makers and sound samplers from across the globe to create new and imaginative compositions.

Building on several previous Make Music Day projects – Street Studio Cities, Bedroom Studios, and Lockdown Sound Challenge – MixMash Studios invited people around the world to contribute sound samples to a global pool. Everything from bass lines to barking dogs and vocals to machine noises was welcome! Then, on Make Music Day, producers had 24 hours to create an original piece of music using only the samples provided, and nothing more.

All participants are encouraged to share short videos on social media of them creating samples or work in progress on their tracks using the hashtags #mixmashstudios and #makemusicday.

MixMash Studios is a collaboration between the Make Music Alliance, Make Music Day UK, and Make Music Lagos (Nigeria).


Watch the MixMash Studios Livestream replay
Get a glimpse behind the scenes of sample manipulation, and check out snippets from the final tracks DJ’d by our producer host Rob Parton. Click here!

2021 Tracks

Make Music Alliance · MixMash Studios 2021

2021 Producers


Barry Anderson
Muhammad Aqib Jamil
Eren Tokgöz