Other Global Projects

Make Music Day

This year, the Make Music Day UK team brought together several new global collaborations, open to all. Here’s some of what happened:

Global Folk Challenge – “We invite musicians from across the world to take part in this Global Folk Challenge by swapping folk songs. Participating musicians or groups can share a folk song from their country, and in exchange, learn and perform a different folk song submitted by another participating musician. The songs will then be performed and shared on Make Music Day.” Registration Deadline: May 14

Drum Battle – “The Make Music Day Drum Battle will bring together drum and percussion groups of all ages from around the world, celebrating our rich cultural diversity.” Organized by the Organisatie van Muziekverenigingen in Fryslân, Netherlands. Registration Deadline: May 21

John Cage 4’33” – “Beyond Skin, the John Cage Trust and Make Music Day UK with musicians from 23 countries will premiere a special collaboration performance video of the piece 4’33” by American experimental composer John Cage (1912–1992).” Here’s the final video!