The American Song

The American Song is a new Make Music Day initiative, capturing the stories and experiences of ordinary people from around the country at this unprecedented time.

In 2020, working through our local chapters, the Make Music Alliance lined up fifty people of all ages with a story to tell, one in each of the 50 States, along with fifty professional songwriters in a variety of styles.

On the morning of June 21, Make Music Day, each songwriter video chatted with one interviewee for an hour. In the afternoon, they wrote a song inspired by their conversation. That evening they did a second video chat with the person and gave a live, private performance of the song they just wrote.

The American Song returns on September 21, 2021 with a new song for each state! Click below to watch the full playlist!

Click here for the YouTube playlist of all fifty videos from 2020!


2021 Participating Songwriters Include:

2020 Participating Songwriters Included: