Make Music



How it works:

Both Musicians/Singers and Venues/Locations register and connect with each other via our matchmaking site. Once registered, performers can request particular time slots at different venues, and venues can request performers as well. You can all communicate with one another via the matchmaking site. It’s very user friendly, and there are plenty of ways to define what your needs are!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Log in regularly to keep up-to-date with new invitations and new performer profiles. In the beginning there won’t be so many, but more participants (music makers and music venues/hosts) will come in daily.


Anyone from beginners to seasoned professionals are invited to participate in Make Music Day. If you are interested in participating you just register on our Matchmaking Portal, which allows you to request certain time slots at different venues. Venues can be any place from parking lots to traditional music halls. You can include all your needs for your particular performances in your profile when you register (i.e. electricity, pianos, or general quietness).


Almost anywhere can be a venue! You are able to set your own boundaries when you register as a venue, and we encourage people to think outside of the box as to what a venue can be. This year, there is an option to host online/virtual music performances, too. We do encourage venues to be outside mainly (with a ‘rain location’ in case of weather issues) in keeping with the traditional feeling of inclusiveness and discovery that Make Music Day is about. In the past there have been many performances in parking lots, porches, parks, rooftops, etc. As a venue you are also able to review performance requests and approve only the ones that make sense for your venue logistically.  Find performances now on the Matchmaking Portal.

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