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2022 Listings: Tuesday, June 21st

Phil Harrington

Born in Cork, Ireland and brought up on the edge of Dublin, Phil Harrington’s youth emerged through a swirl of music. Fast forward to his 30's and a Dublin based workshop on personal transformation, Phil rediscovered his true calling. He knew he had to sing. Play music. Write. Perform The simplicity of that answer astonished him and he began writing his debut (solo) album, VOCE (1996), a disparate blend of contemporary style….an unlikely meeting place where ambient dance, folk, acid jazz and Celtic influences would settle. The ambiance gently soothed by a production team including Pete Briquette. It was a beginning. In 2007 Phil released a second album THE LAUNDRY ROOM (dark night of the soul) and is currently producing a third album of love songs in the style of singer songwriter.

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