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2023 Listings: Wednesday, June 21st


Velo de Oza have a powerful live show that has won fulsome praise from Leila Cobo in Billboard: "...troupe plays a mixture of carranga -- folk music from Colombia's countryside, mostly the state of Boyacá -- married to rock and pop. The sound is unique, in large part thanks to the use of traditional instruments like the guacharaca (a sort of tube scraped by a fork to produce a scratching sound) and a fantastic sense of humor both onstage and in recordings. Fun to watch and hear."Billboard Magazine It is a show unlike anything you have seen before because it incorporates music from the farmers of central Colombia, music that is still relatively unexplored. The fun-filled show includes video, audience interaction, songs in different languages (Spanish, English, and German), humor, and high-energy rock. The group has shared the stage with some of Colombia's most important artists, such as Jbalvin and has sung in projects alongside Carlos Vives and Aterciopelados.

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