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2023 Listings: Wednesday, June 21st

Rick Dalgetty & Tropical Rhythms

Rick Dalgetty is a folk artiste who collects and performs Caribbean traditional Folksongs, old Calypsos and Nostalgic Music. At any time he can deliver some of the funniest, most suggestive or patriotic folk music from the Caribbean area. His repertoire includes significant song collections from his native Guyana, as well as from Jamaica, Trinidad, Bahamas, Belize, Barbados, Haiti and a few songs from the Lesser Antilles. He also performs American Folk Music and Negro Spirituals; as well as Reggae and Calypso pieces fused into Jazz. With this art, he is a critical addition to the entire New York community, now home to so many Caribbeans. He has delighted audiences at innumerable private and public occasions with his nostalgia-inducing repertoire. His act is often a raw and authentic presentation of folksongs accompanying himself on the guitar while sometimes opting for the ensemble mode of voice, steel-pan, guitar, keyboard and bass to enhance the musicality of TROPICAL RHYTHMS

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