Make Music Day

2023 Listings: Wednesday, June 21st


Percussia’s signature sound is created through the marriage of lyrical melodic instruments (flute, viola, and harp) with a variety of percussion instruments. Percussia is based in New York City’s vibrant, culturally diverse neighborhood of Jackson Heights, Queens. Percussia’s members seek to honor and reflect this cultural richness through the music they play. Percussia offers two diverse and distinct programs for MMNY Day: (1) A Brazilian Maracatu samba parade featuring 6 percussionists roaming around your neighborhood. Audience participation is welcome. (2) A funky, eclectic mash-up of modern classical, world and folk music for harp, flute, viola and percussion. (3) An eclectic mix of modern classical and folk music for celtic harp and small percussion.

Performances on Make Music Day

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