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2022 Listings: Tuesday, June 21st

Laura Perrudin

Brought up on a diet of jazz, Laura Perrudin studied classical music from an early age. Her wide ranging interests also include electronic music, soul and hip-hop. She trained alongside musicians from her native Brittany before her personal journey took her to other fruitful encounters in Paris and New York. Seeking to increase the possibilities of the harp and find a richer harmonic language, she found an opening in 2008, when luthier Philippe Volant built her a chromatic pedal-less harp with a single row of strings, enabling her to bring the sinuous harmonies of her compositions to life. She continued on her adventurous musical path with the electric chromatic harp, an instrument that was tailor-made for her. With it, she ventures into sound worlds evoking Amon Tobin, Björk and Flying Lotus, as well as the winding, impressionistic harmonies of Debussy, Ravel or Wayne Shorter.

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