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2022 Listings: Tuesday, June 21st


Hoopsongs is what I call the music I write and perform. I’ve been in the music scene for a while offering the rebellion and fun of Rock n’ Roll music to audiences young and old. What I listened to growing up was a combination of 40’s & 50’s pop music, but as a “Child of the 50’s,” I was influenced by Rock n’ Roll music as a teenager. In 1964, after a couple of years of guitar lessons, and listening to Elvis, Dion and the Belmonts, Ricky Nelson and the Beatles, I started my first band. These influences were followed by Soul & Motown music and the John Mayall, The Stones, Sly and the Family Stone and Cream. It’s been a great surprise and pleasure to learn that people of all ages are identifying with the restless innocence, mischief, social injustice, humor and love that I write my songs about. It makes me feel that I am staying the path for the next generation. HooP

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