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2022 Listings: Tuesday, June 21st

Kinding Sindaw

KINDING SINDAW Melayu Heritage is an interdisciplinary culture and arts non for profit organization based in NYC and has produced and performed original Off Broadway dance theater at LaMaMa, ETC. Kinding Sindaw has served the community as a resource of Philippine ancestral culture, arts and history. Kinding Sindaw exist to assert, reclaim, preserved and showcase the unwritten legends, myths, epics and unwritten history of the ancestral Philippines preserved by the Mindanao indigenous nations who resisted western colonization. This orature is carried by ritual, and court dances, kulintang gong music, and wood and bamboo percussions. Founded by a Meranao tradition bearer noble ( people of the Lake) daughter of a sultan , Potri Ranka Manis in 1992. It is an teaching institute of traditional dance and music . for classes please visit , facebook: kinding sindaw, IG : kinding sindaw , email:

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