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2023 Listings: Wednesday, June 21st

Claire Hawkins

Claire Hawkins brings new life to the term “troubadour” as a traveling singer/songwriter. Her YouTube channel has amassed over 14,500 subscribers and over 1 million views from people all over the world. Hawkins first launched her international music career with a DIY European tour. The Foreign Voices Travelers Tour supported the release of her EP ‘Foreign Voice’ and took place in youth hostels, channeling the special moments of connection that these travel spaces provide. Most recently, Hawkins spent a month in Southern France as part of the funded Odyssée Artist-in-Residence Program, where she worked on an original songwriting project centered around the theme of intercultural connection. As she travels the globe with her songs, Hawkins hopes to bring people together, in the way that only music can. She is currently preparing to release her third EP, due out later this year.

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