2022 Listings: Tuesday, June 21st

Babes NYC

One night in summer 2015, NYC buddies Jeff, Pedro and Patrick were out at a discothèque dancing. Jeff said, “Let’s start a new band.” Patrick said, “Let's call ourselves, The Babes.” The three immediately coalesced, musically.The Babes' *(NYC) Stunning Punk-Pop Debut, informed by Years and Years of Collective Punk Rock and New Wave Experience, on the stages of CBGBs and Japan, stunned a few. Some albums later have displayed the songwriting talents of guitarist Jeff Farr and guitarist/drummer Patrick McGuinn, Bassist Pedro Gingerich who composed the Vaudevillian adventure, 'Jolly West'. Introducing, on Stellar Saxophone, the Talented-Beyond-Measure "FLESHY AUSTIN," An UN-officially official 4th Member of Babes NYC, who has boldly dared new explorations into Jazz, Poetic Psychedelia, 60s Punk, Country and Surf! If you can envision Haircut 100 and Madness meeting B-52s, when they had a horn section.

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