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2023 Listings: Wednesday, June 21st

Bloco La Conga

Bloco La Conga is a community of musicians dedicated to the study and performance of Carnaval music of the Americas. Our repertoire is influenced mostly by styles from Cuba, Brazil, the USA, and the African Diaspora in general. In Brazil a bloco is a street band that mobilizes, excites and inspires revelers during Carnaval. In Santiago de Cuba, this would be called a conga (as in "conga line"). La Conga is currently on a mission to introduce the Conga Santiaguera , the unique and exciting sound of Santiago de Cuba's carnaval, to audiences in the New York area. Previous Performances include: Long Island University, NY Presbyterian Hospital, NYRican Poets Café, NYC Halloween Parade, Shrine, and Sabor Latino. Our main mission is to spread the word about conga santiaguera, the unique and exciting sound of Santiago de Cuba's carnaval.

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