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2021 Listings: Monday, June 21st

Peter Dizozza

Peter Dizozza is a composer with leanings toward surrealism as evidenced in his CD, Pro Choice on Mental Health. He devotes his working life to creating innovative and stimulating entertainment and helping his audience develop confidence, enlightenment and serenity through self-expression. His works include The Golf Wars, The Last Dodo, Coppelia, adapted from the famous ballet story, the adolescent ghost story, THE ELEVENTH HOUR, and the heavenly musical mystery play, Prepare to Meet Your Maker. Recent pieces include the James Bond Opera, A Question of Solitude, and The Ocean Floaters. He performs at music venues throughout the world, and most frequently in the East Vill age where he resides. Through Cinema VII Entertainment Collective he provides artist services and pre-pandemic appeared in courts throughout the New York area, where he sometimes practices as an attorney. The website documenting his activity is

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