2022 Listings: Tuesday, June 21st


ATOM is Matt Inconiglios. He’s been experimenting with sound ever since he re-wired his AM radio to play through an old guitar amplifier as a child. Excited by the possibilities of sound manipulation through electronics, ATOM now mixes music, sounds, dialogue, and whatever else he can find to create a surreal sonic painting, steeped in electronic beats. Inspired by the works of The Orb, Akufen, Meat Beat Manifesto, Josh Wink, and Luke Vibert, ATOM creates mixes and original tracks using elements of the entire sound spectrum, ranging from classical music, to electronic beats, to found sounds of everyday life. Growing up DJing at all types of parties, events, and clubs, ATOM sharpened his skills of dance music mixing, constantly interjecting elements of surprise. Turntables, samplers, computers - ATOM now harnesses whatever gear he needs to take listeners on an impressive, and oddly hallucinogenic journey.

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