Make Music
Palm Beach County


The goal of Make Music Palm Beach County is for every resident of Palm Beach County to enjoy a performance or music-making opportunity on June 21st.

There are two primary ways to join the festivities: as a Performer or as a Venue by hosting performances in your place of business or virtually. Can you be both a Performer and a Venue? Yes, you can! Click here to access our online system and create a Performer or Venue profile (or both!).

…and NEW this year – you can participate online!

For your safety – we are working on ways to include as many artists, venues, and individuals as possible while maintaining safe social distancing guidelines. 

Check out these group participatory events for 2020!

Nationally- Take a free live music lesson, play a song Live From Home, contribute to a Bedroom Studio, sing in the Heart Chant, or join one of this year’s many other featured national projects.

Locally:  Palm Beach County PreK-12 – celebrating the vast, rich and accomplished musicians in Palm Beach County Public and Private Schools; Father’s Day Musical Tributes – take time to honor the men who show up, who love, who mentor, and who care by performing with or for them; and TikTok & SnapChat Challenge – We challenge performers to think creatively and produce short moments of music excellence!

…and don’t forget to tag us so we can share! @MakeMusicPBC #MakeMusicPBC #MMPBC #MakeMusicDay