Make Music
Palm Beach County

Tik-Tok and Snapchat Challenge

Hey, musicians feel like making some sweet music?

This Challenge may be just what you are looking for! This challenge is designed to make music through Tik-Tok and bring people together to create different types of music for genres that we know and love.

We all know making awesome music has no limits – time, space, distance, instruments, etc. We are challenging performers to think creatively and produce short moments of music excellence!

Who said you need a guitar to play Stairway to Heaven – how about a tennis racket?

…and yes you can lay down a beat without a drum – dribble a basketball, bang on a pot or two, thump your chest, stomp on stairs – the sky’s the limit.

Rules – there are no rules where we are going!

Here is how to do it!

Decide what unconventional item you will be using to create your sound.

Maybe invite friends to join you, if you want to and let them know your plan, ask for their ideas – collaboration will expand and lift your project (Plus we all need some connection right now!)

Record your performance on TikTok – covering a song you love or making an original melody and post it! (Please do not use someone else’s music in the background, we want to be conscious of copy writes.)

Tag us on your video – @MakeMusicPBC #MMPBC #MakeMusicPBC #MakeMusicDay – and forward it to us so we can post and promote on all our channels too!

And most of all HAVE FUN!