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2023 Listings: Wednesday, June 21st

Munchkins, Music & Me class

Munchkins, Music & Me is a class for kids ages 6mo-4yrs old focused on exposing the little ones to music. Babies and children are drawn to music and listening to music sung by their caregivers strengthens the bond between the child and adult. Music also helps children recognize sounds and rhythm in words which helps improve literacy skills and auditory memory. For class you will come in and sit on the carpet in a circle. We start with a welcome song where we learn everyone’s names. This song is the same every week to encourage the children and caregivers to have an established routine when we start music class. The next part of class is our singing time. We will sing familiar songs and add some new songs as people get comfortable. Children are drawn to human voices and are even found to focus more on the familiar voices of their caregivers over other sounds and voices. Singing, talking and making eye contact with your child encourages conversational skills, turn taking in conversation

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