Make Music
Ridgefield, CT

2022 Listings: Tuesday, June 21st


Jebb of JebbsMusic is a 22 year old guitarist out of Prospect, Connecticut, who was worked with artists such as Jon Auer (The Posies), Derrick Bolstrom (The Meat Puppets), Pete Donnelly (The Figgs/Graham Parker), Patrice Zappa (Frank Zappa's sister), Michael Collins (The Finns) and more! Jebb also hosts a radio show and podcast called Unlikely Places Pop and Rock Radio that airs on Mad Wasp Radio Weekly ( Joey Molland of Badfinger has been on his show!! He also has started a record label with Owen Radford, Josh Bradley manager Dave Skaff called Robo Jack Records. Links: Instagram @Jebbsmusic @RoboJackRecords

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