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Make Music
Ridgefield, CT



Interested in performing during Make Music Ridgefield? Musicians of all abilities and genres are invited to showcase their talent and share their love of music!

The event is an all-ages, all-inclusive celebration of music. Register to be a performer by creating a profile, browse available venues and make an offer to perform in a Ridgefield location. The Ridgefield Arts Council will manage the event and confirm with all venues/performers what will work best for the overall event. You will receive a confirmation email with the details of your performance. There is no fee to participate.


Make Music Ridgefield wouldn’t be possible without venues to host musicians. Venues can be in front of stores and restaurants, front porches, parks, schools, and more.

Venues must be located outside and accessible to the general public without an entry fee.  Register to be a venue, browse musician profiles and request a performer you’d like at your location. Musicians may reach out to you directly once you have created a profile. The Ridgefield Arts Council will manage the pairing of venues and performers and will confirm all performances with you once finalized.

How to Make Music on June 21st

Using our matchmaking software, venues and musicians can register, create profiles and find a match for their Make Music Ridgefield performance.

Create your profile and register here!

Both venues and musicians will be included in marketing and promotional materials.

Current List of Participating Artists/Venues

ARTISTS: ACT of CT “Pop Up” Youth Choir, Angry O’Hara’s, Austin Bradford, Daniel Madeson, Dave Goldenberg and George Mallas, Eleven Steps Shy, George Mallas, Imperial Zero, Jessi Rose, Jonah Weinstock, Lucas Neil, Mad Hatter Chorus, Maggie Seligman, Mark Cupkovic, Michael Shofi, Paulina Romano, Ridgefield Suzuki School, Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra, Inc., Room de Dark, Roots Oscura, The Goobers, The Peterman Project, The Ramapo Blues Band, The Ridgefield Chorale, Tobey Lieberman, Tyler Silva, Waiting on Mom, Western CT Youth Orchestra, Willow Bradford, aka Nora, & novadust.

VENUES: Cellar XV Wine Market, D. Colabella Fine Art Gallery, First Congregational Church, Keeler Tavern Museum & History Center, Lounsbury House, RPAC Gallery, Ridgefield Library, Ridgefield Running Company, Ridgefield Supply Company, Steve’s Bagels and Cafe, The West Lane Inn, & Town Hall.

Who else is taking part?

Over 22 artists, including:

ACT of CT "Pop Up" Youth Choir  --  Angry O'Hara's  --  Austin Bradford  --  Bang-A-Can Poetry Slam  --  Community Karaoke  --  Daniel Madeson  --  Dave Goldenberg and George Mallas  --  Jessi Rose   --  Jonah Weinstock  --  Lucas Neil  --  Maggie Seligman  --  Mark Cupkovic  --  Michael Shofi  --  Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra and Western Connecticut Youth Orchestra   --  Room de Dark  --  The Dylan Spielvogel Jazz Quartet  --  The Goobers  --  Waiting on Mom  --  Willow Bradford  --  Wooster Faculty Band  --  aka Nora  --  novadust

Over 12 venues, including:

Blue Bus Music Make Music Day  --  Cellar XV Wine Market  --  D. Colabella Fine Art Gallery  --  First Congregational Church   --  Keeler Tavern Museum & History Center  --  Lounsbury House  --  RPAC Gallery  --  Ridgefield Library  --  Ridgefield Running Company   --  Steve's Bagels and Cafe  --  The West Lane Inn  --  Town Hall