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2023 Listings: Wednesday, June 21st

Middle Dog

Middle Dog is an original funk-folk trio born and bred in San Francisco. Playing both originals and covers, Middle Dog is heavily influenced by jam bands of both the past & present, top 40 hits plus classic rock, Motown and more. Middle Dog plays everything from tasty originals to modern favorites. Formed in 2022, Middle Dog is fronted by guitarist & vocalist Evan Bachmann, whose sweet vocals and melodic playing lets you know this band isn't all bark. Percussionist Paul Urrutia & Bassist Henry Gish leads the rhythmic charge, bringing a dynamic sound with a powerful groove that gets everyone's tails movin'. Having played at and been invited back to San Francisco establishments such as Milk Bar and The Golden Gate Park Bandshell, Middle Dog prides itself on getting everyone's tails waggin!

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