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2023 Listings: Wednesday, June 21st

DJ Greg Cerrone

Greg Cerrone is a French-American producer and DJ, born in Los Angeles and raised in Paris and LA. He started his career at Malligator Records, his father's label (Mark Cerrone), and collaborated with him on several successful albums. Greg has performed at prestigious events and festivals worldwide, including Cannes Film Festival and Montreux Jazz Festival. He has released tracks on labels like Ultra Music and Size Records and has gained support from renowned DJs. In 2020, Greg returned to the club scene with his own label, On The Air Music. He is known for his energetic and diverse music, and his goal is to make people have fun and feel alive when they hear his music. In 2023, he is launching his new US label, LifeCode Records, and has upcoming releases planned. Greg continues to perform at various venues and events, bringing his unique sound to the dancefloor.

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