Make Music Day

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All Make Music concerts are on June 21, and are free and open to the public.


Other North American events are listed here.

Make Music Around the World

The Make Music Alliance coordinates with organizers around the world to celebrate music on June 21.

Featured National Projects

Flowerpot Music

Flowerpot Music, written by celebrated composer Elliot Cole and directed by percussionist Peter Ferry, is a composition for an unlikely but beautiful percussion instrument – the flowerpot! Last year on June 21st, 26 groups around the U.S. assembled in parks, fields and public squares, to learn and then perform the piece, specially composed for Make Music Day.

Make Music, Make Friends

A new global collaboration this year, Make Music, Make Friends will connect school children aged 7-13 from Australia, China, India, Italy, Pakistan, Thailand, the U.K., and the U.S. on Make Music Day, sharing videos of their musical performances with each other.

Mass Appeal

For the 15th year, Make Music Day 2023 features Mass Appeal, bringing together people of all levels and ages to make music in large, single-instrument groups.


Last Make Music Day, more than 220 artists around the world joined the third annual global song swap. Each learned a song by another artist and heard theirs covered in return. Songwriters, composers, and bands of all styles and walks of life participated.

Roomful of Pianos

Roomful of Pianos, growing out of an annual NAMM Show initiative, will unite the national piano community on Make Music Day with piano showrooms and music schools hosting colossal piano events around the U.S.


Since 2011, Make Music Chicago has pioneered the Sousapalooza – an invitation for hundreds of brass, wind, and percussion players to come together and sightread the music of The March King, John Philip Sousa.


Stridulations for the Good Luck Feast by composer Billy Martin is a set of interlocking rhythmic pieces that anyone can join. The piece’s rhythmic cycles can lock together like a Samba band, or stretch out to sound like crickets calling to each other across a field.

String Together

Free events to improve your guitar playing, with a free string change session, free chord book, and free guitar lesson — no strings attached.

Uncommon Instruments

Discover new and innovative ways to make music! Thanks to partnerships with several leading companies, people across the country (and around the world) will expand their musical horizons on June 21.