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Southeastern CT

2023 Listings: Wednesday, June 21st

Sym-Bops & Be-Bophones (A Simple Side of Phish)

Sym-Bops & Be-Bophones (A Simple Side of Phish) is a tribute to the legendary Vermont jamband, Phish, that forgoes the 20-minute jams and complex atonal fugues the band is most well known for, and instead shines a light on the simpler material from an expansive catalog of songs Phish has performed over their impressive and varied 40 year career. A special Make Music Day debut performance from local musicians/ performers Tim Donnel (Straight to VHS, Slyne & the Family Stoned, Pocket Vinyl, the Jampson Jubilee), Jaime Duquette (CBYD Trio, Sweet Mercy!, Brian Gore and the Tender Fritters), and Dani Bobbi Lee.

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