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Make Music


Make Music is a free celebration of music around the world on June 21st. Launched in 1982 in France as the FĂȘte de la Musique, it is now held on the same day in more than 1,000 cities in 120 countries.

This will be an ENTIRELY VOLUNTEER-RUN EVENT, made by the community for the community
here’s the origin story:

It all started 38 years ago in France.

In 1982, France’s Ministry of Culture dreamed up an idea for a new kind of musical holiday. They imagined a day where free, live music would be everywhere: street corners and parks, rooftops and gardens, storefronts and mountaintops.

And, unlike a typical music festival, anyone and everyone would be invited to join and play music, or host performances. The event would take place on the summer solstice, June 21, and would be called FĂȘte De La Musique. (In French, the name means both “festival of music” and “make music!”)

Amazingly enough, this dream has come true. The FĂȘte has turned into a true national holiday: France shuts down on the summer solstice and musicians take over. Almost 8% of the country (5 million people) have played an instrument or sung in public for the FĂȘte de la Musique.

Three decades later, the holiday has spread throughout the world and is now celebrated in more than 120 countries. In the U.S., the presenting sponsor is the NAMM Foundation.

Sulphur joins more than 1,000 cities in this celebration of all things music. MMD Sulphur is a unique, diverse, and inclusive musical celebration that is open to anyone wanting to take part. From novice to professional musicians, community members of all ages, and those interested in making great memories, everyone is invited to this free series of events. So, plan the day at downtown Sulphur Plaza to mingle with old friends, new friends, and family this year!


Create your profile at

Need help signing up? Watch these short tutorial videos to get you started!
How to Create a Venue Profile
How to Create a Performer Profile

This is a community-created, community-run day of celebration, so once your profile is live, go ahead reach out to your followers, friends, and family to let them know you’re on board, and be sure to tag us when you spread the word!

If you aren’t a musician or performer, but you’d like to volunteer to help out, please email us at or fill out this volunteer form and we’ll be in touch! Thank you for your support.

Who else is taking part?

Over 2 artists, including:

Librarian Musical Storytime  --  Party on the Plaza

Over 2 venues, including:

Downtown Plaza  --  Parker Memorial Library, Southern Oklahoma Library System


Make Music Sulphur is organized and presented by a merry band of Sulphur volunteers.

For businesses or individuals interested in sponsoring, (things such as covering the cost of flyers, signage, or advertising in local papers/social media) or who can offer “in-kind” donations, please reach out to

If you would prefer to donate directly, your contribution will allow us to continue to establish and coordinate more musical events for our community.

Thank you for your support!




Get in touch with us at



Who promotes this event?


The magic is the community-wide support, coming together to make a great day for everyone!

  • The volunteer steering committee does the broad strokes about getting sign-ups and attendance going–flyering, local paper coverage, hitting all the event calendars, etc. Our site will have a Listing Map that populates about a month out with confirmed sets and locations, so attendees can plan their caravan paths.
  • Each location and performer taps into their friends and social media followers to announce they are taking part! This is essential to ensure that we don’t miss a beat when it comes to attendance!

Just share our social @MakeMusicSulphur and use our hashtags so we can share your great work with our growing group of followers and music fans. Be creative. That’s kind of our thing in these here plains.

#MakeMusic2022 #MakeMusicSulphur #MakeMusicDay

Who “runs” Make Music Day Sulphur?

Nationally, Make Music Day is sponsored by the NAMM Foundation and there is a team of organizers who provide support and assets to all the cities that want to participate.

Locally, it is 100% volunteer-run
so all the ‘ideas’ are pure Sulphur (or Murray County).

Our volunteer steering committee is all Murray County residents. Our role is publicity about signing up and attending, communication, “match-making” between venues and artists (when additional help is needed), and various logistical stuff.

If we have other venues participating, the venues/locations are all Opt-In and can request specific performers and curate the vibe of the music at their location for the day. Each location “runs” its own performance schedule — and is responsible for all equipment provided, communication with the performers about time to arrive, etc.

The core organizers are always here to provide guidance on making arrangements and securing performers.

Can kids perform?

Yes. For kids under 13, we require that their parent or guardian create their performer profile and use care when linking to external profiles. (Or avoid external links altogether if it is outside the family’s comfort zone.)

Please note that the responsible adult who creates this young person’s performer’s profile will be the point of contact… kind of like being an artist’s manager!

Will musicians be paid to perform?

Performers are welcome to collect tips. Tips go directly to the artists. Make Music Sulphur will not collect tips on behalf of the performers.

Where will the events take place?

Events will begin at the Sulphur Plaza. However, as this is a city-wide celebration, you are welcome to participate in ANY area where you have secured permission.

At what time do the events take place?

The official listing time is to be announced. However, anybody can begin setup at the downtown Sulphur Plaza around noon.

What is Make Music Day?

Make Music Day is a free celebration of music around the world on June 21st, the summer solstice. Make Music Day Sulphur is the first Oklahoma chapter to participate!

Make Music Day is open to anyone who wants to take part.

Today, Make Music Day is observed on the same day in more than 1,000 cities around the world. It is the world’s largest annual music event.

What is the “Party on the Plaza”?

The Party on the Plaza is an event primarily for ages 12-18. It will feature a DJ and open mic. Due to some of the music played, it may not be appropriate for children under 12. This event will have food and drinks for the kids. Smoking and drinking are strictly prohibited and there will be adult chaperones present. Additionally, we may open the stage for any local acts within that age group to perform as any regular band or solo act.

We hope to make this a monthly event for the county.