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Make Music
Superior - June 21


Welcome to Make Music Superior!

Make Music Day is a free, outdoor music festival celebrated worldwide.  Held on June 21st, this all-inclusive festival features music of all genres. It is open to anyone who wishes to participate.  This event began in Paris, France 0n the summer solstice of 1982.  People of all ages and abilities were invited to step outside their doors and participate in music.   This event was so successful that it continued to grow each year .  It is now celebrated in countries all over the world.

With the help of the Make Music Alliance, Siggy’s Musical Garden Incorporated (501c3) is spearheading this celebration in Superior, WI!  We invite all of you to dust off those instruments and get outdoors and play!

Over 31 artists, including:

Adam Herman  --  BLUE IVORY JAM [ PAT GREENE]  --  Born Too Late  --  Daryl Yankee  --  Douglas County Mafia  --  Fox Moxie  --  Gina Lee  --  Hewitt Station  --  Janie Aas  --  John Seguin and Croon Juice  --  Ken Sievers Family and Friends  --  Kristie Cunningham  --  Lioness  --  MN Moder  --  Magic Bus  --  Mark Connolly  --  Parks and Rec kids  --  Parks and Rec kids   --  Parks and Rec. Kids  --  Peter and the Wolves  --  Pilgrim Worship Team  --  Russ Sackett  --  Shane Nelson  --  Shane Nelson with Parks and Rec  --  Similar Dogs  --  SonofMel with Parks and Rec   --  Stel  --  Steven Friends  --  Timothy Burke  --  Vindaloo Band  --  Woodblind

Over 29 venues, including:

1619 Lamborn Avenue   --  18 Oaks Park  --  Barkers Island Inn  --  Billings Park  --  CLARENCE BENSON PARK  --  Cedar Lounge  --  Central Park  --  Central Pub  --  Garrison House  --  Goin Postal Park  --  Hammond Park  --  North Shore SUP  --  Pilgrim Lutheran Church  --  Roosevelt Terrace Courtyard  --  Sterling Silver Studio  --  Superior Cubans (Wednesday Bakery)  --  Superior Downtown Farmer's Market  --  Superior Entrepreneurship Center at the Historic Old Post Office  --  Superior Tavern  --  Tenerelli House  --  The Cannery  --  The Hanson House  --  The Johnsons on 4th  --  The Lincoln House  --  The Miller House   --  The Shop   --  Thirsty Pagan Brewing  --  Wade Bowl  --  Webster Dream Park