Make Music Superior - June 21

2024 Listings: Friday, June 21st

Hewitt Station

Hewitt Station( aka: David Aker) has played many venues in the Superior area for over 20 years. Many original tunes tell stories of the northwest Wisconsin area and history. Many are stories of friends and places that hold lasting memories. Covers are 50's and 60's folk/folk rock/ and rock and roll tunes that are from the greatest musical generation of our times. Spending time in the southwest has had me covering country faves old and new. And there is always an original country tune I wrote while living in the country. There are no social links and but a few you tube videos that may or may not pop up. I have been making music for over 60 years, and the north land has and is where I choose to hang my hat. If you don't find me listed in any venue you may find me on the streets of Duluth or drop in at a local coffee house or pub. Keep your eyes and ears open there's always music to be heard.

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