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2021 Listings: Monday, June 21st

Tim O’Gara

Tim O'Gara writes songs like secrets. They live in fragments and flashes, tucked away inside, like the ghosts in an old cigar box - first grade valentine, fake ID, broken necklace, foreign coins - the things you keep. They are poetry. Gone away images hung on fragile frames that bend and sway and play in and out of time with an underlying frailty and a tender valor. They are tales of nights on Henry Ridge, of demented elves and pink lemonade skies, of papyrus stuffed crocodiles, of rye whiskey and falling mountains. They remind us that life is magically slow and still when we listen closely. To share Tim's music with another is an intimate exchange that, like the best of secrets, requires a partner with a sincere ear and an open heart. They are the sounds of love and trust. So watch yourself ... these songs swim with nothing on. Consider this a warning. A secret. From one friend to another. Photo taken by Denis Hannigan

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